Does Your Business Need to Compete on a Global Basis?

Air Advantage wants businesses in rural areas to succeed.  We know having good Internet is crucial to your business’ success.  If we can get you on our fiber network, we will do everything we can to make connecting to fiber affordable for your business.  If you’re not on the fiber path, we offer customized solutions that can offer a “fiber-like” experience on the Internet.  Call us today to see what we can do for you.  Business plans start as low at $55 per month.

Our business fiber solutions offer packages ranging from 25 MB to 10 GB.  Our hybrid fiber/wireless network allows you the best Internet solution in the Thumb.  Don’t be fooled by National companies who want you to think you need 100 MB or more to get work done.  Most of our fiber and wireless business customers use less than 50 MB and can do everything they need to do to compete in a global marketplace.

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