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Claire Carter - Air Advantage Intern in the News!

Oct 22

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NBC 25 Academic All-Star

FRANKENMUTH -- For Claire Carter, a senior at Frankenmuth, A's come easy. Well, at least they usually do.

"I got a B+ in art one time got a marking period, but I don't really count art."

Carter is questioned.

"Did that offend you?"

"Yeah, it's supposed to be for effort, and I tried my best," Carter said.

Claire is more of a numbers girl, and it's for that reason alone, she likes to stick with math.

"There's always an answer; as long as you know how to figure it out."
Figuring things out has been Claire’s forte. It's when things a bit off script where Carter tends to over-strategize, but according to her, that's part of her charm.

"My siblings aren't really like that. It's me, I'm weird that way."

Her volleyball coach, Chip DeGrace agrees.

"She's highly intelligent. Sometimes to a fault - you can say sometimes she thinks too much - but in the game of volleyball she's gotten completely over that."

With that growth, Claire has also increased her role on the team. The three-year letterman is now a captain her senior season.
"She cares about her team. She gives everything she can to her team,” says DeGrace. “And when she's asked to substitute out, so a younger player can play-in, she's right on the bench supporting that Junior or Sophomore in her spot."

"Coach definitely expects a lot more out of me, out of all the captains, and we kind of have to be the example for everyone else," Carter said.

And they're may not be a more perfect example.

Claire has led Frankenmuth to the number eight ranking in the state, and her team has the goal of winning a state title, but it's another goal, the goal of being valedictorian that is also in her sights.

"I've always worked so hard all throughout my schooling, and my high school experience, and to just get that number-one spot would just be a really good feeling."

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