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Setting Up Windows Email Client

May 2

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5/2/2012 3:39 PM  RssIcon

This is the process for setting up the Windows Mail client; the built in client for Windows Vista and Windows />
  1. After opening Windows Mail click "Accounts..." near the top right corner of the window. Then click "Accounts...".


  3. Click the "Add..." button in the new window.

  4. Select the account type. For email, you will want to select the "E-mail Account" option.
    Click "Next".


  6. Enter a name you would like to be displayed on your sent emails.
    Click "Next".


  8. Enter your full email address.
    Click "Next".


  10. Select "POP" for the server type.
    Enter for "Incoming mail server".
    Enter for "Outgoing mail server".
    Make sure the "Outgoing server requires authentication" checkbox is NOT checked.
    Click "Next".


  12. Enter your username (NOT the full email address) and your password.
    If you would prefer to not enter your password every time you send or receive mail, check the "Remember password" checkbox.
    Click "Next"


  14. Congradulation! Your Windows Mail account has been set up.
    To download your email messages immediately, leave the last checkbox unchecked.
    Click "Finish" and you're set!

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