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Ice Storm Wreaks Havoc on Wireless Equipment

Dec 23

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12/23/2013 9:36 AM  RssIcon

Due to the freezing rain and ice storms we have experienced over the past few days, many of our customer’s antennas may have been affected with ice buildup which is causing outages for some customers.  When ice and/or freezing rain accumulate on your outside antenna, it creates a physical barrier that can prevent the radio signal from reaching your equipment. Until the ice is either removed from the antenna, or the sun melts it off, the radio may not be able to receive a signal and you may experience a loss of service.  If your antenna is not covered with ice, your service may also be affected by ice covering the access point radio which sends a signal to your antenna.

Safety is always a top priority at Air Advantage and we would like to remind you that roofs may also be  slippery because of this ice accumulation.  We DO NOT recommend that you try to remove this ice from you antenna as knocking ice off the antenna might break the antenna or cause the antenna to lose its signal.  Also, spraying hot water on the antenna may actually cause it to freeze faster and create more ice buildup on your antenna.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this will cause forour customers.  We will be experiencing outages and service interruptions until weather conditions improve.

Also, please be advised that our technical support phone lines are experiencing heavy call volumes at this time.  If you call in to our tech support lines,please be patient and we will take your all as soon as we can.

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