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Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve each customers privacy and security, we prefer to have the customer call in to our technical support team (866-877-1247 option #5) to create a new email address.  

Before calling in, please have a username and password in mind to better help us better serve you.

Fixed Wireless Internet - High Speed Wireless Internet

Air Advantage delivers high speed wireless internet over a Fixed Wireless Network.  Unlike cable or satellites companies. this type of operation generates a direct signal from an Air Advantage tower to a location (residential or business) where Air Advantage installs fixed equipment.

It is important that potential customers have an on-site signal check conducted to determine whether an adequate wireless signal is available at their location.  A potential customer can schedule a signal check and an installation for the same day.

Signal quality is the key to ensuring a reliable connection and internet usage from day one.

Fig Above: The signal quality determines the reliability of the internet connection.
With the Air Advantage wireless internet, you are able to use as many computers as you want to with our internet in your home.  Multiple desktops, laptops and handheld devices can all access the internet at the same time.  To do this, you need a networking device(router) that is compatible with our service.  All the brand name routers work just fine!

If you are not sure on how to setup multiple computers with a router, feel free to click here to go to our router setup area.

With a normal Air Advantage subscription, each customer is allowed up to five (5) email addresses.  If needed, more are available at a small additional cost each month.

The Air Advantage DNS server IP addresses are:

As outlined in the Air Advantage Subscriber Agreement, a normal install would NOT consist of:

  • The installation and cost of additional equipment such as a 10’ tripod antenna to obtain a clear signal to our transmission tower;
  • Trenching of cable through driveways, greenbelts or other trenching
  • Extending data cabling to other rooms in the home or office for the purpose of adding additional computers
  • Extending data cable beyond 150’ from the antenna location
  • Other services not included herein

A good example to explain interference is when people are talking.  The louder someone talks, the more disruptive they can be to other conversations.  The same principle applies with wireless Internet. 

Local interference can be caused by baby monitors, wireless speakers, cordless phones, etc.  If it is wireless, it's a good idea to know what frequency it operates on.  The frequency can be seen on the package or product itself.  Generally, the format is some number followed by MHz or GHz, example would be 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz.

Because your equipment may operate near these frequencies, there's a good chance it can 'hear' your device better than our tower, since it is closer.  This can cause some issues with the service in terms of speed, quality, and reliability. 

If you think you may have a device which can cause you problems, leave it unplugged for a day and see if it helps.

Every so often, you may get an email talking about a Barracuda Spam Firewall.  Some of you wonder what it is, others already know.

Basically, Air Advantage takes extra steps to filter your email for you before you even see it.  We do this, because of the large number of Spam emails and emails that contain a virus that are generated daily.  The Air Advantage Spam Firewall is blocking an average of 15,000 spam & virus messages every hour!  That alone tells you the importance of our filters. 

Unfortunately, as with any computer system, some messages are 'flagged' when they should not be.  This is why we email you an update with these 'flagged' messages so we can get your input to tell us if you wanted that message or not.  For a more in-depth look on how to use the Spam Firewall, please see our pdf file on the Barracuda Quarantine Guide.


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